30.04.2011 - „Hirnlose Idioten“ kämpfen mit Köpfchen (DerWesten)

Die von den meisten türkischen Medien als positiv bewertete Protestaktion der Tierschützer hat für die Delfinarien weitreichende Folgen. Das WDSF und ProWal fordern eine sofortige Schließung der Einrichtungen und kündigten auch einen Tourismus-Boykott-Aufruf gegenüber den türkischen Delfinarien-Städten an. Deutsche Reiseunternehmen haben solche Reisen bereits gestrichen (s.u.).

Das Onmega-Delfinarium in Marmaris/Icemeler bietet auf seiner Internet-Seite vordergründig die wissenschaftlich nicht belegte Delfin-Therapie an. Tatsächlich aber wird das finanziell lukrative Spielen oder Schwimmen mit Delfinen beworben, die unter katastrophalen Bedingungen gehalten werden.

http://dolphin-therapy.org/de/tourismus-programm/delfinschwimmen :

Schwimmen 1-4 Personen 75 € 6 Minuten
Paar ( 2 Personen ) 80.- € p.p. & 10 minuten
Gruppen ( 3 + 4 Personen ) 75.- € p.p. & 15 minuten
VIP Schwimmer 120.- € 1 person & 10 minuten


Der Manager des "Onmega Dolphin Therapy & Activity Center" in Marmaris, Turgay Uykusuz, beschimpft türkische Delfinschützerin vor dem Onmega-Delfinarien als "hirnlose Idiotin"


Translation of the TV-Report (Marmaris-Manager, Turgay Uykusuz, insulted animal activists in Marmaris Onmega Dolphin-Center -

Marmaris Manager beleidigt Tierschutz-Aktivisten vor Delfinarium-Center): interpress TV-News www.interpress.com.tr -

TV-Speaker: WDSF Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum and ProWal from Germany came to Turkey, because dolphins were being mistreated at the pool of a hotel in Marmairs for so called therapy purposes. Dolphins suffer badly when being used as show animals; wrote the animal rights activists in their letter to Germany. As a result the German animal rights activists together with Turkish animal rights activists went to the enterance of that hotel (in Marmaris); to that show place to protest but they were badly received by the administrators of the place (badly welcomed). One of the managers of the place was so furious...check out the way how he responded to one of the turkish animal rights defenders:

Turgay Uykusuz (Manager of the Onmega Dolphin Therapy & Activity Center): "You are a pitifull stupid person" ..

Turkish Activist (women): "Pardon me .. " ??

T. Uykusuz (Manager): "Yes, your head doesn't function.."

Activist: "Pardon... ? Did you just called me an idiot here !?.."

T. Uykususz: "I think that your head doesn't work" ..

Speaker : "The group called the dolphin therapy center a slave camp and emphasized that if the therapy center dosn‘t close, that they work with the leading tour operators worlwide and that they will do all they can to pressure these companies not to send tourists."

Ayça (women - for WDSF & ProWal): "We spoke with all the mayors and told them that we have a campaign. We will do all we can starting from the end of april to stop tourists from coming here"....

T. Uykusuz: "All they says are just lies, and mostly has been diverted from reality; I am against the use of animals for show purposes to entertain people; but we are providing "therapy" here..".

Speaker: "yes ..you are providing therapy but while you are doing that, you should know never to call a woman "stupid" ..

T. Uykusuz: "You are not an animal defender; you don't have a right to boycott a therapy center that provides therapy for disabled children here.."

Turkish Activist (women) : "O.k., there you have a point humans ... animals.."

T. Uykusuz: "You come here taking sides with foreign Germans to hamper Turkish turizm - you dont have a right"

Acitvist : "Yes ok .. but you are talking and you are the only one listening to your own words.. give me a second"

T. Uykusuz: "You are a pitifull idiot person"...

Activist: "Did you just call me an idiot here ?! O.k. then I will make an appeal to the court that you have just insulted me"

T. Uykusuz: "Your head doesnt work.."

TV-Speaker: " Isn‘t it crucial to control "the nerves" it is good to watch dolphins in order to calm your nerves down... and maybe as long as you don‘t harm them to share the same pool with them - at most. But if you force a dolphin to do other things and try to achieve that by making it suffer; that‘s what the animal rights activists claim and the counterpart says "no we dont mistreat them" .. but I must say .. THE ATTITUDE WAS VERY NASTY INDEED (meaning the attitude of the Onmega-Manager Mr.Uykusuz) - End.

WDSF/ProWal-Demonstration vor dem Onmega-Dolphin-Therapy-Center

Onmega Dolphin-Therapy-Center Onmega Dolphin-Therapy-Center Onmega Dolphin-Therapy-Center

Turgay Uykusuz und Axel Linke (Onmega)

Der Onmega-Manager Turgay Uykusuz (mitte) musste von Axel Linke
(Onmega Besitzer) und der Polizei zurückgehalten werden,
nachdem er eine türkische Demonstrantin bei der WDSF- und ProWal-Aktion
unflätig beschimpft hatte.

Missbrauch von Delfinen für Onmega-Delfin-Therapie