Anmerkung WDSF: Nach Angaben des Richters des OLG ist jedoch ein Boykottaufruf zulässig, der sich auf die genannten
Tatsachenbehauptungen stützt!

Engl. Transaltion of the article by newspaper WR

The WDSF can still continue criticizing the commercial exploitation of mammals and accuse the owner of dolphinariums. The organization’s world-wide anti-dolphinarium-campaign is, according to the higher regional court in Hamm, of public interest and belongs to the freedom of speech. Statements such as “dolphins live in tanks that are too small and burn above 40 degrees in the sun because they have no sun protection”, “dolphins suffer from stress” and “dolphins are abused for therapies” can, according to the higher regional court, not be forbidden, although this may affect existing dolphinariums. Only a call for boycotting a Turkish dolphinarium in Marmaris has to stop because it is based on nonproven facts. According to that, the lawsuit by the owner of the dolphinarium in Marmaris only succeeded in one point.